About AudioSourceRE


AudioSourceRE is the culmination of over 18 years of research into sound separation by Dr. Derry Fitzgerald (CTO). Our unique algorithms deliver what we believe to be the best quality sound source separations available to the market. Our company vision is to continue to be the leading developer of high-quality de-mixing software for music production, post-production studios, DJs, producers, artists, and musicians. We strive to produce high-quality pro-audio products that are some of the best sounding, most flexible, and creative software products available.

Company Timeline

AudioSourceRE was established in July 2018 and within months took the pro-audio market by storm with the release of DeMIX Pro and DeMIX Essentials at AES 2018 in New York. Hailed as the latest innovation in audio source separation, DeMIX Pro and DeMIX Essentials had attendees, exhibitors and, the industry buzzing about these impressive new products. The company built on its growing reputation for developing highly innovative easy to use audio separation solutions with the release of RePAN, a real-time, audio separation plug-in for DAWs at NAMM 2019. Now incorporating the latest cutting-edge techniques in advanced AI demixing technology we bring you the most powerful sound separation software available; DeMIX Pro Version 3.0 and DeMIX Essentials Version 2.3



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