Create STEMs and Karaoke easily and quickly with the most advanced AI demixing technology available in the market.


AI sound separation algorithms combined with non-destructive spectral editing tools.


Remove vocals, drums, bass & other instrument stems from any mixed audio source!


Flexible & intuitive software that inspires anyone in the field of music or post-production.


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Combines cutting-edge AI sound isolation algorithms with advanced spectral-based audio editing. Gives audio professionals unrivaled power to remove vocals, drums, bass, and instruments from a mix.

  • Electric Guitar separations are here with version 3
  • Keep backing vocals in your instrumental track for better backing/karaoke tracks
  • New 4 stem button separates vocal, bass, drum and other stems at once.
  • New 'other' button to separate pitched instruments, utilising a new separation algorithm.
  • Manually control and preserve vocal breaths and reverb with our Vocal Noise Gate.
  • Better vocal separations with even less interference from other sources in your separated vocal
  • A quicker and simpler device activation process
  • Faster and more stable downloads
  • Unlimited Separation Tracks
  • Fast & Secure Cloud-based Processing
  • Supports up to 24bit 192kHz Audio
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Advanced AI isolation algorithms and intuitive workflow. Easily removes vocals, drums, bass, and instruments. Ideal for DJs, producers, and musicians making backing tracks, samples or remixes from existing audio.

  • Improved vocal separations with less interference from other sources in your separated vocal stems
  • New 'other' button to separate pitched instruments, using our new separation algorithm
  • Customizable Separation Algorithms
  • Non-destructive Separations
  • Faster and more stable downloads
  • Unlimited Separation Tracks
  • Fast & Secure Cloud-based Processing
  • Supports up to 16bit 44.1 kHz audio
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Separate and remix stereo on the fly using our real-time panning-based audio extractor plug-in. Adjust the width and rebalance the volume of existing mixes in real-time. Control how you want to hear the music.

  • Plugin for Real-Time Separation
  • Compatible with a wide range of DAWs
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Real-time Pan-based Separation
  • Remix, Rebalance & Re-pan on the fly
  • User-controllable Multi-source Separations
  • VST, AU and AAX Plugin Format
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Music Producers
Audio Production
Broadcast Media
DJs & Artists
Music Education
Pro Audio Education


Remix quickly with DeMIX Pro

Unlimited separated tracks and powerful spectral editing tools give you unprecedented control over individual elements of any audio mix. Rebalance the volume or pan position of any separated track and remix any way you want to!

Remix with DeMIX Essentials

Once you have separated your tracks, it is easy to do a quick remix using DeMIX Essentials. Use the convenient built-in mixer to change the volume of the vocals, drums, bass, or backing tracks or re-pan the sources to a different position in the stereo field. The choice is yours!

Real-time Pan-based stereo separation

Separate and remix in real-time using RePAN, our pan-based separation plugin which supports all major DAWs. Available in AAX, VST, and AU formats for Mac and Windows.

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