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DeMIX Enterprise API for Bulk Vocal & Music Separations

AudioSourceRE's powerful music & vocal separation software is now available to Enterprise clients. Utilizing our powerful 2 and 4 stem music and vocal separations, and powered by our advanced API, we can offer industry clients bulk vocal separations whether you have a few dozen tracks in your catalog or tens of thousands.

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AI Separations

Best-in-class vocal and music separations let you make high-quality acapella or backing tracks quickly and in bulk.

Powerful API

Easily build new revenue streams around our flexible infrastructure and technology.

Bulk Separations

Process hundreds or thousands of tracks sequentially with our custom packages tailored to your requirements.

High Quality Tracks

Our unique algorithms deliver high-quality stems with minimal artifacts meaning little or no post-production.


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Our AI, machine learning, and cutting-edge algorithms deliver the best music STEMS available. Why rely on open source technology with unpredictable results, as well as the hassle of creating infrastructure.

Get high-quality vocal removals with 2 or 4 stems to a create karaoke backing track or acapella. Our vocal separation algorithm delivers less bleed from other instruments for a more natural-sounding vocal.


Our bass separation gives improved high-frequency response in the extracted bass combined with less bleed from other instruments giving bass separations that are considerably more superior.


AudioSourceRE's drum extraction algorithm has less interference and preserves drum transients better for a more natural drum sound.

High quality instrumentals

Create instrumental-only versions of tracks. Reduce bleed from vocals, bass, and drums making it easier than ever to sample instrumental parts.

Remix your lost masters

Given the number of masters lost over time, rebuild or back up your back catalogue, and get them future-proofed.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Monetise your music archives by converting them into high-quality STEMS - unlocking new revenue streams and circumventing expensive music relicensing fees.

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