How To Isolate and Separate Drums From an Audio Track to Create a High-Quality Sample

How To Isolate and Separate Drums From an Audio Track to Create a High-Quality Sample

DeMix Pro has the Best Drum Separation Software Around, With Tighter hits and Better Cymbal Sounds
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Our drum separation software uses AI-powered technology to isolate drums and/or other instruments from a music track, offering a high-quality separation unmatched by any other software. It is quick and easy to use, and because our technology is the most advanced on the market, you will get the best drum isolation available in 2022.

DeMIX Pro, by AudioSourceRE, comes with fully-customizable separation algorithms, with the fastest upload, separation, and download speeds.

Isolate and Remove Drums From any Song With DeMIX Pro

Whether you want to isolate drums to make a drum cover of your favorite song, or to extract the drums, so you can listen to them to learn the song yourself, DeMIX Pro takes the hard work out of creating a clean, superior drum track.

Our innovative technology can split up to six stems at a time, so you will end up with the isolated drums, the track with the other instruments, and four other stems of your choice.

The latest version of the DeMIX Pro software includes an upgraded Drum Separator, which gives better attacks and a fuller tone. We have been working on our software for over a decade to ensure we are bringing a clean track with higher quality than you will find anywhere else. Free and paid tools may offer drum isolation, but they can't do it without echoes and artifacts included.

Create Your Solo Drum Track in just a few Easy Steps

Step 1: Install DeMIX Pro as shown here

Step 2: Load an audio file

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Step 3: Click on the Drums button in the top panel

Step 4: Click Accept, and wait for the software to separate your file

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Step 5: When the separation is finished, you will see two new tracks in the multi-track view. Press Play and click on the Solo button (S) of the Drums track to listen to your extracted drums

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Step 6: With the Drums track soloed, click on File -> Bounce Mixer Output to export it to a WAV file on your computer

Step 7: If you're not interested in having an entire drum track but only a small loop or a single sample, you can load the exported wav file in an audio editor (such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Audacity...) and cut the parts of the file that you don't want to keep

Our Recommendations for Best Results

We suggest using a high-quality, uncompressed recording when possible. The best results will be achieved with uncompressed files such as WAV, AIFF, or FLAC. Although DeMix Pro supports formats like MP3 and M4A, these are compressed in a way that degrades the audio quality, which makes separating them difficult.



Our mission is to offer a solution to audio professionals and music lovers alike, that is quick and easy to use, saves them time and money, and delivers the highest-quality audio results. We continuously evaluate, and regularly update our software to the highest industry standards. 

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