AudioSourceRE releases their premier audio separation software DeMIX Pro

Our Press Release announcing our DeMIX Pro & Essentials Products
Press Release

AudioSourceRE releases their premier audio separation software DeMIX Pro

New York (October 17, 2018) – AudioSourceRE, takes the Pro Audio Industry by storm with the release of DeMIX Pro, the newest innovation in the world of audio source separation software.

The award winning DeMIX Pro combines world-class sound isolation algorithms with an advanced spectral audio editor and built in multi-channel mixer to provide anyone in the field of music and post-production unrivaled creative freedom. Isolate vocals, drums and other instrument stems from any mixed audio for remixing, up-mixing, re-mastering, and post-production applications.

DeMIX Pro demonstrates superior flexibility over other audio separators by offering unlimited non-destructive track separations, an intuitive workflow, convenient merge tracks functions, a groundbreaking multi-track spectral editor, mixer and unmatched stability.

AudioSourceRE is also pleased to announce the recruitment of veteran audio engineer and source separation specialist, Rick Silva – visionary behind the ADX TRAX product line from Audionamix.

“After extensive testing of DeMIX Pro, I immediately knew I wanted to contribute to AudioSourceRE’s journey to the top of the field of audio source separation.  I am confident our product line will offer the best sounding source separation solution in the game,” stated Rick Silva.

“Rick brings his vast experience, expertise, and unique industry insight to AudioSourceRE as our VP of Product & Business Development and played a key role with the succuessful launching of DeMIX Pro and DeMIX Essentials into the global market.” stated CEO John O’Connell

AudioSourceRE is also releasing DeMIX Essentials – an entry-level must have for DJ’s producers, remix artists, musicians and educators who want to create a-capellas, backing tracks, isolated drum tracks and high-quality samples or quick remixes from existing audio mixes. DeMIX Essentials quickly separates vocals, drums, and other instruments to create up to four separate audio stems.


What the audio industry is saying about DeMIX Pro & DeMIX Essentials?

“DeMIX Pro is the best extraction software I have ever used.” – Mark Linett

3-time Grammy Award Winner (The Beach Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

“DeMIX Pro is the first software that can deliver a usable vocal extraction with just a few clicks – even from a mono source.” – Martyn Webster

Audio Engineer & Producer (The Cure, ABC, Underworld)

Technical Specifications

  • Mac OS 10.9 and up
  • Windows 7 and up
  • Minimum RAM requirements – 4 GB
  • Minimum CPU requirements – Core Duo 2.3GHz
  • High speed internet connection required


Product Pricing

  • DeMIX Essentials: Buy for $179
  • DeMIX Pro: Buy for $749




About AudioSourceRE

AudioSourceRE is the culmination of over 18 years of research into sound separation by Dr. Derry Fitzgerald (CTO). Our company vision is to become the leading developer of high-quality music de-mixing software for music and post-production studios, DJ’s, producers, artists, and musicians. For more information visit, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @AudioSourceRE.

For all press inquiries or NFR requests for review, please contact Rick Silva using the information below. You can also stop by for a demo at AES inside Software@AES Pavilion Booth 304G.


Media Contact:

John O’Connell

Direct: +353 86 2429945 or contact: