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Support | AudioSourceRE How do I install RePAN Plugin?

How do I install RePAN Plugin?

This guide will help you install RePAN.

Important note
As we use iLok anti-piracy in conjunction with our software. The first thing you will need to do is to download, install and register with them which is free.

Step 1 (skip if you already have iLok):
a. Visit!license-manager and download an install the relevant version of iLok Manager for PC or Mac.
b. Register with iLok at!registration and make sure to click the account verification link in your email.
c. Once your iLok account is ready, Run iLok License Manager and sign into your account.

You are now ready to install AudioSourceRE's range of software and plugins.

Step 2:
You can download the latest version of the software for both Mac and Windows from your account.
Once downloaded, extract the zip file

Step 3:
Open the folder, select your OS and run the installer to install the software. ** If the installer will not open, make sure you have iLok License Manager running
RePAN will then be installed in the default plugin folder for your DAW. You can change this to another folder if required.

Step 4:
Open your DAW.
Add RePAN to a stereo track - note that RePAN will not show up on a mono track.
When the plugin launches you will be asked to select trial, or to input a license code.
Select trial if you are only trialing the software.
Otherwise, input your license code as requested. The license code will be available in your account page.

Step 5:
RePAN should then open in your DAW.
Enjoy using the software.

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