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Support | AudioSourceRE How do I activate ILok?

How do I activate ILok?

Choosing your activation location:

If you can see your licence in ILok License Manager and don't see any warnings that is expired or disabled, then you only need to activate it.

USB Dongle:

If you wish to activate on an ILok USB dongle, you should first make sure that you can see it in your activation locations in ILok License Manager. If so, you can also synchronise it by right-clicking on it and clicking on "Synchronize". Activating a licence on your USB dongle should be straightforward, find the licence within your account's licenses, right-click on it and select "Activate". A menu should then open asking you which location you want to activate DeMIX Pro on.


If you wish to activate DeMIX Pro on ILok Cloud, the first step will be to open a cloud session. This can be achieved in ILok License Manager by clicking File -> "Open Your Cloud Session". Once your cloud session is open, your DeMIX Pro licence should activate on it automatically. If you're using ilok cloud in managed mode, you'll have to manually activate it by right-clicking on the licence and choosing "Activate"

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