DeMIX Pro v1 – v2.0 isn’t working

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On May 21st 2021 we released version 2.3 of our software which included significant improvements to the technology behind DeMIX Pro.

These Improvements included:
– New “other” button to separate pitched instruments, utilising a new separation algorithm
– Faster and more stable uploads and downloads
– Pro only: New 4 stem button separates vocal, bass, drum and other stems at once
– Pro only: Control and preserve vocal breaths and reverb with our Vocal Noise Gate

Following this latest update, we will no longer be supporting versions 1 and 2.0 of DeMIX Pro from September 1st 2021.

If you have not updated to our latest version by then you will not be able to separate any tracks from this date.

Updating couldn’t be easier. Simply download it for free using the link below:

DeMIX Pro:

If you have any issue installing the update please visit our Support Page and follow our step-by-step guide. Alternatively, you can contact with any issues and we will help you through the process.

Many thanks
The AudioSourceRE Support Team

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