RePAN Plugin for DAWs

What does it do?

In this post, I’m going to talk a bit about RePAN, our real-time panning-based stereo audio separation plugin. There are numerous existing tools for doing center-channel extraction, as well as tools for obtaining independent control over the left, center and right of stereo mixes. RePAN can be used to do these, and more. It offers considerably more power, flexibility, and control over the stereo field.

A useful way to think of RePAN is as a spatial EQ, instead of equalizing frequencies, it equalizes the stereo field. Using RePAN, the stereo field can be split into up to 7 spatial bands. The positions of these bands can be adjusted by the user. The level of each band, as well as its pan position, can be adjusted in real-time.

In the video below, there are two instruments (guitar and tambourine) positioned close to the center of the stereo field. A typical center-channel remover will remove both of these, without offering the ability to focus in on the two instruments individually. In contrast, the adjustable spatial bands in RePAN allow us to zone in on the individual instruments and have independent control over them.


RePAN offers unprecedented control over the stereo field in existing stereo mixes, allowing the user to rebalance elements, reposition them, and even extract these elements for use in new music. You can try it for free for 7 days here.

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