This day 1968 Magical Mystery Tour Started an Eight Week Run at No.1 Hear the Isolated Vocals From The Fool On The Hill Now

This day 1968 Magical Mystery Tour Started an Eight Week Run at No.1 Hear the Isolated Vocals From The Fool On The Hill Now

Hear The Beatles Isolated Vocals from The Fool On The Hill From The Magical Mystery Tour Album as Separated with DeMIX Pro

On this day in 1968, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour started an eight week run at No.1 on the US album chart, the group's 11th US chart topper. It was released as a double EP in the United Kingdom and an LP in the United States. It includes the soundtrack to the 1967 television film of the same name.

After the Beatles completed Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in April 1967, Paul McCartney wanted to create a film that captured a psychedelic theme similar to that represented by author and LSD proponent Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters on the US West Coast. Titled Magical Mystery Tour, it would combine Kesey's idea of a psychedelic bus ride with McCartney's memories of Liverpudlians holidaying on coach tours.

Magical Mystery Tour included six tracks, a number that posed a challenge for the Beatles and their UK record company, EMI, as there were too few for an LP album but too many for an EP. One idea considered was to issue an EP that played at 33⅓ rpm, but this would have caused a loss of audio fidelity that was deemed unacceptable. The solution chosen was to issue the music in the innovative format of a double EP. It was the first example of a double EP in Britain.

Listen to The Beatles classic track 'The Fool On The Hill' from the album 'The Magical Mystery Tour' as separated with DeMix Pro 4.0 here:




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