DeMIX Pro Version 4 is here!

DeMIX Pro Version 4 is here!

Pro-audio's first high-quality desktop music separation software!

AudioSourceRE is proud to announce the release of the all-new DeMIX Pro Version 4.

Our flagship software gets a complete makeover with the move to desktop separation capability on your laptop or device along with even more stem options that deliver the most impressive high-quality separation results available on the market.

DeMIX Pro Version 4 contains:
  • New local separation capability for all models. Run separations directly on your desktop without the need to upload/download files.
  • Two fantastic new separation models for piano and strings. This brings to 8 the number of STEMs that you can separate in DeMIX Pro.
  • New user interface & workflow. Split sections of your audio to separate them faster. Load multiple songs at one time in your project. Move, split, and duplicate music clips to create mashups directly in the software.
  • New offline mode. DeMIX 4 can now be opened without an internet connection (requires an ilok USB dongle)

DeMIX Pro V4 combines more and even better automatic stem separation results ideal for high-quality lead or all vocal removal, electric guitar, drums, bass, piano, strings, and instrumental creation along with the highest production quality sampling. 

Version 4 is available by monthly subscription or with a perpetual license at our current price and is a free upgrade for our current users.

AudioSourceRE’s innovative DeMIX technology is driving high-quality separation standards for recording, broadcasting, digital entertainment separating mixed music and audio in ways no other STEM separation technology can. 

John O’Connell CEO of AudioSourceRE said “DeMIX Pro 4 is the fulfilment of a long-held dream for the company - high-quality audio separation capability locally on your desktop. This is a paradigm shift in audio separation making it easier and quicker for users to separate stems. Version 4 also introduces high-quality piano and string separation to the market plus there are exciting new features and workflow enhancements” 

Try DeMIX Pro Version 4 for free with our 7-day trial. Existing customers will also get the update for free via an automatic update with no changes required to our customers software.

“DeMIX Pro 4 is another major advancement. It has been my go-to separation technology for years. These guys are always moving the dial for innovation and quality”
Mark Linett - 3 time Grammy Award Winner (The Beach Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

“DeMIX Pro has become indispensable for not only myself but my fellow engineers working on commercial releases. It is wonderful to see such useful, powerful improvements to the software!"
Chris Kissel - MonotoStereo

“AudioSourceRE is up to some seriously revolutionary stuff”
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