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Manipulate audio mixes like never before. DeMIX Pro is standalone software that combines cutting-edge AI sound isolation algorithms with advanced refined spectral editing to give audio and mastering engineers, remixers, producers, DJs, and Musicians unrivaled freedom to create isolated vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments from existing mixes.

Ideal for high-quality vocal removal, instrumental creation, and production quality sampling. DeMIX Pro delivers unmatched flexibility with unlimited, non-destructive track separations, convenient merge tracks functions, a built-in multichannel mixer, and the ability to provide the removed vocal and its associated reverb on individual tracks for total vocal control.

Create countless high-quality individual track separations for remixing, up-mixing, re-mastering, and post-production applications.


DeMIX Pro Version 3.0 contains a range of improvements and new functionality and is available as a free upgrade for existing paid users;

  • The first high-quality Electric Guitar Separator available to the market
  • A new AI-based Lead Vocal Remover that keeps backing vocals in your karaoke tracks
  • Improved All-Vocal Separations that are even closer to the original than ever
  • Better Drum Separations with tighter hits and better cymbal sounds
  • An upgraded Bass Separator, which gives better attacks and a fuller tone
  • Infrastructure improvements also give faster upload, separation and download speeds

"Best extraction software I have ever used, I recommend it highly."
Mark Linett
3-Time Grammy Award Winner


  • All Vocal, Lead Vocal, Drum, Bass & Guitar separators
  • Customizable separation algorithms
  • Advanced Spectral Editing
  • Separate, refine, mix and merge unlimited tracks
  • Multi-channel mixer for quick & easy remixing
  • Non-destructive separations and editing
  • Fast & secure Cloud-based processing
  • Supports up to 24bit 192kHz audio

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  • Mac OS 10.9 and up
  • Windows 7 and up
  • Minimum RAM requirements 4 GB
  • Minimum CPU requirements Core Duo 3GHz
  • High-Speed internet required
Note: iLok License Manager must be installed before the software will run.

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