Create your best music stems ever

Press release announcing our new drum and bass separation upgrades
Press Release

Date December 18, 2020

Create Your Best Music STEMS Ever.

AudioSourceRE, the award-winning audio software developer, announces the release, across all Demix products and subscription offerings of new and improved vocals, drums and bass separations powered by its most advanced AI algorithms yet.

Vocals: New separation algorithm with less bleed from other instruments result in a more natural sounding clean vocal stem.

Bass: Improved high frequency response with less bleed deliver bass separations which are considerably better than before.

Drums: Our latest drum extraction delivers less interference while preserving drum transients for a more natural drum sound.

DeMIX Pro combines auto stem removal with fine-tune spectral editing and is ideal for high-quality vocal removal, instrumental creation, and production quality sampling. It is available by subscription and perpetual license purchase.

Pricing: $24.99 per month | $249 pre-paid annual subscription|$549 perpetual license purchase.

DeMIX Essentials

DeMIX Essentials is a must-have for DJs, music producers, remix artists, musicians, looking to auto-remove high quality stems from existing audio for quick remixes.

Pricing: $129 (Perpetual License Purchase only)

DeMIX Pro and DeMIX Essentials technical specifications:

  • Mac OS 10.9 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Minimum RAM requirements 4 GB
  • Minimum CPU requirements Core Duo 3GHz
  • Cloud-based service | High-Speed internet required |Upload & download speeds are connection dependent.

About AudioSourceRE:

AudioSourceRE’s innovative technology, DeMIX separates mixed music and audio in ways previously thought impossible and is driving high-quality separation standards for recording, broadcasting, digital entertainment and more.

“AudioSourceRE is making a real difference to how music and sound can be used more creatively. This is another huge leap forward delivering the highest quality STEMs from an existing mix currently available in the market.”

“All of our existing customers will automatically get the update free of charge from today, it is an automatic update to our cloud backend, with no changes required to our customers software” according to John O’Connell CEO of AudioSourceRE.


What the audio industry is saying about DeMIX:

“Wow, the first time I EVER heard a piece of software separate 99.9% of the vocal clearly, and perfectly”

Man Parrish Composer & Producer (Michael Jackson, Village People, Kraftwerk)

“DeMIX Pro is the best extraction software I have ever used.” – Mark Linett

3-time Grammy Award Winner (The Beach Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

DeMIX Pro’s …version 2 looks like one of the larger leaps.

Sound on Sound

“AudioSourceRE is up to some seriously revolutionary stuff”

Pro Sound News

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