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magically demix and reverse engineer locked audio and music recordings with Our New Products

SourceREPro gives pro-audio professionals advanced spectral editing tools for perfecting the full range of melodic separations. Ideal for high quality vocal and instrumental isolations and sampling. Manipulate audio mixes like never before. Extract any instrument using our automated separation tools. Quickly refine them using our smart spectral editing tools to create high quality individual layers for reuse in remixing, sampling, re-mastering and post production. SourceRE Pro is available for both MacOS & Windows platforms.

SourceREEssentials is recommended for DJs, music producers and for occasional sampling. Essentials allows quick extraction of individual sound sources such as vocals, drums and melodics using our automated separation tools as well as separation of instruments based on their pan position. Create new tracks for easy live remixing, vocal track creation and sampling. Musicians, can play along with their favourite tracks and study the nuances of performers. SourceRE Essentials is available for both MacOS and Windows platforms

SourceREPan: Remix stereo audio mixes on the fly using our real-time panning based separation audio plug in. SourceRE Pan is essentially a "Spatial EQ", offering 5 separate user-positionable spatial bands with independent volume and pan control. Whether you want to remix live, or create surround mixes on the fly, SourceRE Pan offers unprecedented real time control of existing audio mixes. Available in AAX, VST and AU plugin formats.

refine, remix and remaster with our innovative spectral editing capability.


Meet the Team

Dr Derry Fitzgerald


Derry has an extensive track record in developing leading-edge sound source separation technologies, with over 18 years of experience in the field. His innovative technologies have been used to remix classic Beach Boys albums including tracks such as Good Vibrations from mono to stereo for re-release by Capitol records.

Jeremy Sabbatucci


Jeremy is responsible for front-end development and has considerable domain specific experience in developing audio software, as well as qualifications in audio engineering, image and signal processing.

John O'Connell


John has wide-ranging expertise developing and scaling digital brands such as Carzone.ie in Ireland & Autotrader.co.za in South Africa. He is a digital transformation specialist and was formerly MD of TMG International responsibile for growth and operational transformation in EMEA.

Rick Silva


Rick has over 25 years experience as an audio engineer, pro audio educator and a music technology author. A proven product management and business development specialist he has led new vision and innovation in providing audio source separation deliverables to the biggest names in pro-audio music, broadcast and motion picture.